Coming to EPFL

The EPFL has an extended network of partner universities throughout the world

A university exchange provides the benefit of international experience without interrupting your university studies. The grades obtained at the EPFL are recognised by its partner universities.

Each year, the EPFL welcomes students approaching the end of their university careers and enables them to complete their Master’s project under the supervision of one of its professors.

Coming to the EPFL to do a dual degree guarantees continuation of studies at a prestigious institution and the chance to obtain two degree certificates.

From 2013, the research course programme has provided a handful of brilliant students from a select group of institutions the opportunity to experience a 3-month period in the EPFL laboratories.

Meeting EPFL Representatives

EPFL representatives, exchange students and Swiss embassy employees take part in a number of events all over the world to promote the EPFL education programmes.

Where can you meet them?